“Bulgaria Off-Road Team”

The event was covered by three national televisions and all auto-moto journals.Several Bulgarians cars, motorcycles and ATVs will participate in the “Africa Eco Race 2015”. The team manager Todor Hristov is an exclusive representative of the competition for Balkans region. The presentation of “Africa Eco Race” did Rene Metge, three times winner of “Dakar”, which is one of the organizers together with Jean Louis Shleser and Uber Oriol. They created “Africa Eco Race” as an alternative of “Dakar” after its moving into Latin America and commercialization of the sport.

“The main values of the competition are the ones that were set by Thierry Sabine. We sleep only in bivouacs, go through the Sahara and finished at Pink Lake in “Dakar”. We emphasize to the security and we don’t have any victims. For me “Dakar” is only in “Africa” and I can’t understand why it’s named like this if it’s in Latin America and has nothing to do with “Dakar” said Metge.


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