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Todor Hristov

Born in Silistra 43 years ago he finished his master’s degree in the University of Veliko Turnovo. Later he graduated "Aristotle University" in Greece.

He has a family with 1 daughter which is 20 years old - executive director of the hotel "Troyan Plaza" she speaks easily both English and Greek.

Hristov is one of the first off-road riders in Bulgaria starting from 2001 year. He is the first Bulgarian off-road champion teamed with Aleksander Kovachev and their car Mercedes G 2.8 in the year of 2002.

Organizer of Bulgarian National off-road championship for the years 2006,2007,2008,2009 and organizer of the female championship in 2008, 2009

Organizer of Bulgarian off-road competition "Adventure Bulgaria 2007 & 2008"

Organizer of the East-European championship “ATV Challenge Cup” and the big race "Balkan Off-road Marathon" moving across Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece.

With ATV Can-Am Renegade 800 he’s racing for the team "Zundert Extreme" which imports the famous Can-Am.

Re raced with a Jeep and ATV in the biggest European off-road challenges „ "Berlin-Breslau", "Rally Sandalion-Sardegna", "Trail Ride Greece", "TransCaripatic Rally Romania","Evea Rally Raid", "Baja Saxonia 2008, 2009 & 2010", "Le Touquet 2009".

Co-founder of “Balkan Off-Road Cup 2008” and “European Rally Raid Cup 2010 & 2011”.

Sports Biography

• Off-road champion in Bulgaria for the year 2002
• First place in the team race "Berlin-Breslau 2002"
• ATV Vice champion in Bulgaria for 2007 in the Enduro Championship
• 4-th place in "Baja Saxonia" 2008
• ATV champion in Bulgaria for 2009 in the enduro Championship.
• ATV off-road champion in Greece
• First place in "Evea Rally Raid 2009 & 2010" Greece
• First place in the 3000 Kilometers Romanian Marathon "Trans Carpatic Rally Raid 2009’"
• World Record 1000 kilometers for 24 hours navigating in the cars race "24 Hours of Athens’"
• Second Place in "Rally Sandalion-Sardegna" Italy, Sardinia isle
• Third place in the biggest European Race "Baja Saxonia 2010"
• Participation in “Dakar 2011” with quad.
• 2-nd place in "Rally Tunisie 2011" - round of the World Rally-Raid Championship.
• 6 place in “Rally Albania 2011”
• 2nd place in “Evia Rally Raid 2011” round of the “Balkan Rally Raid Cup”

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